Is an equestrian show which tours the country with its 30 horses and 65 staff, 25 of whom are performers. The gleaming blue and red big top stands surrounded by a smaller brood of tents and an assortment of caravans and articulated lorries. Of all the performers it is the Cossack horsemen who generate the greatest sense of mystique. The horsemen are mostly from Osetia, a small republic in Russia. The show is full of characters, including, Texas Ollie and his horse Silver, who have an incredible bond and are an amazing double act. Suso is a Spaniard who trained as a mime artist and has a 20 minute clowning-about slot in between the equine mastery. He travels in a more modern caravan with his wife and young daughter. Oleg Agneev is a Cossack and the shows resident witch doctor.

Big Top Circus