In December, 2008, I visited Israel and the West Bank with writer Billy Briggs to document the work of some remarkable peace initiatives for a Peacemakers of Israel/Palestine Exhibition to be shown as part of The annual Edinburgh International Festival of MESP (Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace) 2009, and which is currently being shown across Scotland and the UK.

While much of the media’s reporting from the region often focuses on the negative, amidst the political turmoil there is some extraordinary co-operation between people from all spiritual backgrounds who work towards peace, mutual understanding and reconciliation. We met Rabbis for Human Rights who work against the demolition of Palestinian homes: A Palestinian Christian who opened a school for Muslim teenage girls: An Israeli/Arab community: House of Grace, nuns working with mentally handicapped kids from all denominations: Spiritual leaders: .Physicians for Human Rights, where different faith doctors and specialists travel into Palestinian areas where there is little medical facility: Bedouin families who receive support from multi faith groups.